I'd Never Thought My Acid Reflux Would Lead To Cancer...

And yet there I laid in the hospital, my fifth visit in just 2 months...

The doctor stuffed a tube into my throat, while a laser painfully burned away the cancerous cells lining my esophagus...

Damaging my throat so much...I was barely able to speak.

Hi, my name is Nick O'Connor.

And in the next seven or so minutes,

I'll Show You The Alarming Proof Why The Cause Of Your Acid Reflux Has Nothing To Do With The Foods You're Eating, Problems With Your Lower Esophagus, Or Even Really Stomach Acid At All...

You'll see why over-the-counter and prescription medications may not only powerless to make your acid reflux go away ...

They may put your health, and your life, in severe jeopardy.

Latest research shows they may even increase your chances of getting excruciating stomach cancer…

And you'll find out the reason why, later in this video...

Now, even though that's the scary part, here's an even more compelling reason why you need to stick with me for the next 7 minutes...

As strange as it sounds, my cancer provided me with the clue on how to get rid of acid reflux completely safe...

It's a simple, inexpensive and effective approach backed by numerous university studies...proven to eliminate one of the most common causes of   cause of acid reflux...

And as unbelievable as it may sound now, if you use this method I'm about to reveal... I promise you may be finally able to diminish and even control your heartburn problems...

And those "acid burpsthat are both painful and disgusting, and that make it feel like there's a fire in your throat...

Even If You've Been Struggling With Your Acid Reflux For Decades

Once you find out what this heartburn destroying method is, you may be able to save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars over the coming years. Simply by cutting the need for heartburn drugs, prescription medications, doctor visits, and procedures.

But beyond money, and even beyond the overwhelming sense of freedom that comes from possibly banishing your acid reflux for good and getting your life back...

This method may also do something even more important...

I promise that once you've seen the research and overwhelming scientific evidence I’m about to show you...

Once you've seen how top scientists and health experts across the world have already confirmed what I’m about to share - that there could a possibly “secret killer” hidden inside your body...

That may be causing almost all of your gastric problems - everything from acid reflux to stomach diseases...

And that there are a few simple, natural, and hassle-free steps you can take right now to control this killer and reclaim your happiness...

Your Life, And Your Health, May Be Truly Transformed Forever

That's exactly what happened to Khary Smith, of Champagne, Il. He's one of the more than 11,200 people who have already used this secret method to finally manage their acid reflux problems.

He writes...

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

“I'm going to be honest Nick, when I first saw your presentation, I thought you were yanking my chain. I've suffered from acid reflux for years, and it seemed impossible to believe that there was simple and all-natural cure for a condition that had long been controlling my life.

After the first seven minutes of watching your video, I began to have second thoughts. What you were saying made so much sense, and I was incredibly impressed by the scientific evidence you presented.

So I decided what the heck, and used the method you showed me. That very night, I noticed I didn't get struck with heartburn after eating dinner with my wife. And since then, I’ve never once suffered from a symptom of acid reflux - even though it's been six months now. You seriously gave me my life back nick, thank you!”

Khary Smith, of Champagne, IL

And Kelly Allman of Wichita Falls, KS, who says...

“I don't want to be gross here, but the warm, burning burp ups I used to get after most of my meals were so disgusting! I used to like calling them "fire burps", and I hated them, I feared them, and they even made eating not enjoyable for me.

That's why discovering this website has been such a blessing. I can't believe how easy it is to follow the method you share in your video. It almost felt like I wasn't doing anything different at all, and yet from the very first day those "fire burps" totally disappeared. I now recommend your site to every single person I know who has acid reflux!”

Kelly Allman of Wichita Falls, KS

And Armen Hein, of Foxboro, MA, who says...

“Nick, before watching your presentation, I’d been suffering from GERD for more than 50 years. It started when I was in my twenties, and I’m now 74 years old.

Besides the constant discomfort that I had to live with for all of those years, the refluxing acid was also burning my esophagus to the point where my doctor said he was going to need to remove a portion of it.

In desperation, I began searching the web for alternatives, which is when I found your website. Thank god for that, nick. Within two weeks, my doctor was amazed by what he saw. He said my esophagus had “miraculously” healed itself, and that the surgery was now completely unnecessary.

I'll forever be grateful, Nick.

Armen Hein, of Foxboro, MA

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

Those are just a few of the more than 11,200 Americans who have followed the instructions in this video.

So go ahead and set your stopwatch because...

I'll Tell You About The Possible Cause Of Your Acid Reflux And How You May Drastically Diminish It

In just a few seconds from now.

Before I do that, however, let me just quickly explain who I am and why I know about a completely natural and 100% effective acid reflux protocol that you've never even heard of.

As I told you at the beginning, my name is Nick O’Connor. I'm 56 years old, and I live in a quiet suburb outside of Boston...

Like 60 million other Americans just like me, I’d been suffering from acid reflux for decades

It started out as mild bouts of "heartburn" in my late twenties, and by my mid-thirties it had gotten bad enough that I went on medications.

For the next 20 some odd years, I tried pretty much every new over-the-counter and prescription drug that came out.

Some of them did seem to help with the amount of heartburn, I experienced, but their side effects left them as less than desirable "solutions."

I mean, what's the point of  reducing your heartburn if you're going to chronically suffer from diarrhea, stomach pains, and nausea instead, right?

Unfortunately, however,

Most Of The Drugs That Didn't Give Me Side Effects Also Didn't Seem To Work At All - And The Acid Burp-Ups And Burning Throats Kept On Coming

So just like you, I had more or less given up on trying to ever get permanent relief from my acid reflux...

I sucked on Zantecs and Tums...tried to eat and drink a lot of dairy products in the hopes that the milk in them would neutralize the acids...things like that...

And basically just tried to live with the constant discomfort as best I could and "ride it out."

Well About Three Years Ago, I Got A Rude Awakening...

A proverbial "smack in the face" which would not only change my outlook on what acid reflux is, and what causes it...but

That would also ultimately be the key to me managing my acid reflux and getting my life back

While helping more than 12,000 other Americans just like you to do the same thing.

I was at the doctor's office for a routine checkup. I'd been with my physician for decades, and he knew all about my acid reflux issues.

As he put his flashlight down my throat and told me "ahhh," however, his relaxed expression quickly changed to one of serious concern.

He said there was some discoloration towards the bottom of my throat, and that it was best to be safe and get it checked out because it could be a sign of cancer.

The next week I saw a specialist who performed an upper GI endoscopy and a biopsy.

The tests were uncomfortable but little did I know that would be nothing compared to the terrible pain I’d soon be experiencing.

You see, the test results all showed that I was suffering from a somewhat rare condition called Barrett’s esophagus.

Now I say somewhat rarebut it does effect around 6 million Americans each year. and about 20% of people with acid reflux will end up getting it.

And without going into too many details, this condition is the result of stomach acid continuously being refluxed over a long time. Ultimately this burns away your esophagus and replaces it with unnatural, tissue that often becomes cancerous.

I Was Shocked, Floored, And Terrified

I simply had no idea that my acid reflux was putting me at serious risk for this condition or more importantly, that I was now in the early stages of getting cancer in my esophagus...

And it was absolutely demoralizing to hear the specialist say that while they could "burn away" the precancerous cells...

As long as I continued to suffer from acid reflux, and as long as acid was shooting up my stomach and into my throat...

I'd never be able to actually treat the condition, and the cancerous cells would probably just keep forming over and over again.

It Felt Like I'd Just Been Handed A Life Sentence Where The Punishment Was Excruciating Pain And Fear...

And these feelings were only amplified after my first round of photodynamic therapy, which is one of the most popular ways to address the precancerous cells in your esophagus.

That's the part I described to you in the beginning - where the doctors inject a synthetic chemical mixture into your veins, then shove a laser through an endoscope, which they use to burn away the "bad cells."

It's hard to describe what it feels like - but imagine someone taking a quarter inch thick cable wire, and then jamming it through your throat and deep down into your belly over the course of 60 or more minutes.

That's Just The Beginning Though, Because How You Feel After Is Even Worse...

For weeks, you can barely keep food down, you're nauseous, you can't speak, you can't sleep, your stomach feels like it's being repeatedly stabbed...you're basically bedridden and sick...

And as soon as you feel better, it's time for another session, and another, and another...

Because Unless You Somehow Can Stop Refluxed Acid From Reaching Your Esophagus, The Damage To It Will Just Keep Repeating Again And Again.

So like I said...

As I lay in bed at home, a hole in my throat, miserable...still having my little "burps" of acid throughout the day...

It Felt Like My Life Was Over.

To be completely honest, and this is obviously something I’m hesitant to admit, I even thought about committing suicide.it just seemed like it might be better than living with pain for the rest of my life.

And ending it all would have been the easy way out.

Those thoughts of suicide stayed with me for months actually, until one day, I had what I guess you could say was a "wake up call."

I was in the bathroom, washing my hands in the sink when I heard the laughter of my two granddaughters coming from downstairs.

They were staying the weekend at our house - although I’d hardly seen them at all because I spent most of my time in bed.

But as I heard my granddaughter Angie's innocent little laugh, the way she called out to her sister to try to "find her" while they played hide and go seek...

I suddenly was snapped out of my dream-like-state of misery.

I took a long, hard stare in the mirror, even though it was tough to do so because I looked awful...

I decided I wasn't a coward, that I was a man. That ultimately I was responsible for my own health.

And that only person who could really be relied on to get give me my life back was me.

From That Moment On, I Used Every Waking Moment Of Energy I Could Muster To Research My Acid Reflux Condition.

To discover what caused it, what it really was and most importantly of all...

How to get rid of it .

Well, the funny irony about being bedridden and constantly recovering from the photodynamic therapy I was undergoing was that I had a lot of time on my hands to undertake this quest.

I had my wife help me move a work-desk right next to the bed, where I set up my computer.

Then, I went to work scouring the internet for any kind of information I could find about my acid reflux. I wanted to understand this disorder fully so that I could hopefully destroy it.

At first, pretty much all of the information I was seeing was stuff I already knew. People were saying to change your diet, not to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, not to eat as many spicy foods - all the junk we've been told for decades.

A lot of people also talked about the cause of heartburn being associated with the lower esophageal sphincter, or LES for short.

Basically, this is a valve in your body that opens and closes as food enters into your stomach. When people have an issue with their LES however, the valve stays open, and your stomach contents come back up into your throat...thereby causing "heartburn."

The thing about an LES issue however is that there's not really any way to fix this.

So if you have this condition and your physician recognizes it,

They'll Still Just Tell You That There's No Option But To "Deal With It," And Then Put You On Medications That Don't Work

Speaking of medications, I of course researched every single one in pretty painstaking amounts of detail.

But besides the fact that a lot of these medications may most likely make you nauseous, cause stomach pains, and even lead to chronic constipation or diarrhea (depending on which one you take)...

A full 80%of people who take them for relief still report having heart burn problems.

Now, that might seem strange, but if you think about how these medications actually work, and what their purpose is, you can start to understand why they'll never bring  relief to your acid reflux.

You See, Pretty Much All Acid Reflux Pills, Lozenges, And Other Medications Work In One Of Three Ways:

They either...

  1. Stop the acid from traveling back upwards.
  2. Reduce the amount of acid that's already in your stomach.
  3. Coat your stomach to help you be more immune to the burning acid.

But no matter which one of these three options you choose, all you get is a little band-aid placed over the gaping knife wound in your gut.

In other words...

The problem with stopping acid from traveling upwards is that it doesn't actually do anything about the acid in your stomach, or the fact that it wants to travel upwards. You're just essentially mopping up the puddle underneath a leak in the roof. You keep getting the floor dry for a second, then the leak continues.

The problem with the second type of medication I mentioned is that your body actually needs a healthy amount of acid in it to fight off bacteria, and prevent serious diseases, including stomach cancer.

And just like #1, the third type of medication is just temporarily masking the symptom of a much bigger issue.

So really, the more I researched the more I realized that what

All of the pharmaceutical companies, our doctors, even diet and nutrition experts were focusing on was how to deal with acid reflux once it was already occurring

In other words, even when I did searches for "what causes acid reflux," the answer was always the same: "it's when the acid in your stomach comes back up into the esophagus for some reason."

But That's Not The Cause Of The Condition, It's The Symptom!

And so I began digging really, really deep. Pouring through highly technical academic and medical journals...scraping the email addresses of world-renowned biologists and scientists, then messaging them with my questions...

Because not only was I incredibly curious about finding out the  cause of acid reflux from an intellectual standpoint...

I also knew that doing so, was my only chance of stopping the burning in my esophagusreversing my Barrett’s esophagus condition, and fighting off the cancerous cells that were attacking me in relentless waves.

And On February 22nd, 2012, I Finally Got The Answer I Was Looking For

It came in the form of an email one of the university biologists I’d contacted, a man named Richard Harrow.

In his message, Richard told me that while he was extremely busy with his own research projects, he was taking the time to write me because he too had suffered from heartburn for decades.

He said that he too was incredibly frustrated by the lack of medications on the market that actually cured heartburn, and that it was even more upsetting because he believed there was a simple way to rid the body of the condition ...

And then he told me that

I'd been looking in all of the wrong places

That if I wanted to really and truly rid myself of heartburn and heal my esophagus, I needed to shift all of my energy into researching a seemingly unrelated thing called the H. Pylori...which is a kind of bacteria.

That if I could understand what this strange bacteria was, how it worked, and how it was destroyed, then I could not only get relief for my acid reflux...

At the bottom of the email, he provided me with the login and password to his private university research database.

And right below that, he included the links to several articles that he said would get me started on my journey.

Intrigued, I immediately logged into that private university database and began looking at the articles he'd linked me to.

What I Discovered Was Not Only Absolutely Shocking, It Would Form The Basis For The Acid Reflux Incredible Protocol That I'm Going To Be Telling You About Today

Something that's now helped more than 12,000 Americans just like you to diminish and control their acid reflux forever while bulletproofing their body from numerous forms of the most dangerous stomach diseases in the world.

Let me explain...

All of the articles that Richard Harrow had linked me too centered around a form of bacteria called H. Pylori.

You may not have heard of H. Pylori before, and yet it's present in at least 50% of all humans on the planet.

Even More Incredibly, Extensive Research Has Shown That It's Responsible For 80% Of All Stomach Ulcers And 90% Of All Ulcers In The Upper Small Interesting

Besides just those ulcers, H. Pylori is also associated with up to 80% of all cases of stomach cancer....

Giving it the dubious accolade of being the only bacterium in the world to be recognized as a grade 1 carcinogen by the world health organization.

And most relevantly of all from my perspective, scientists have now overwhelming shown it to be the cause of a wide range of other disorders including gastritis, esophagitis and acid reflux.

Now one of the major consequences of the H. Pylori infection, which you likely already have inside your body right now, is its effect on acid production in the stomach.

As this bacterium colonizes inside your stomach - spreading in much the same way a termite or ant colony organizes - it affects the cells that control stomach acid secretion.

This leads to an overproduction of hydrochloric acid, which then bubbles up into your esophagus, causing your acid reflux.

And because your stomach is the central doorway to your intestines, your pancreas, your colon, your prostate, and up into your esophagus...

The more the bacterium colonizes and spreads, the higher the chance of contracting cancer becomes.

Well I don't know about you, but the more I learned about this secret killer that was inside of me, the more shocked I became

The evidence was overwhelming that H. Pylori was a very common cause of acid reflux cases in the world, not to mention some of these different forms of cancer...

So Why Had I Never Heard Of It Before? Why Weren't Their Medications For Me To Take That Would Destroy This Bacterium? Why Wasn't My Doctor Talking About This?

Well, I wrote Richard asking him these exact questions, and he said he didn't want to answer them in writing. Instead, he asked me to call him to talk, which I did immediately.

It hurt to speak with Richard from a physical standpoint because of all the burning of my esophagus that had taken place over the last 6 months...

And especially because our first conversation lasted for more than three hours...

But I pushed through in pain because what the scientist told me was both incredibly revealing...and absolutely rage inducing.

The reason I’d never heard about H. Pylori and its devastating consequences before, Richard said, was pretty simple...In his opinion…

"Americans Spend About $15 Billion Per Year On Drugs And Treatments To Stop Acid Reflux"

We spend more than $200 billion per year on cancer drugs, medications, and medical procedures like chemo and radiation therapy...

And tens of billions more on another stomach, gastrointestinal conditions, and diseases that are caused by H. Pylori.

"So Why In The World Isn’t Anybody Figuring Things Out?"
He Asked.

I couldn’t give him a straight answer, but we both sensed that clearly something was off somewhere…

"So Is There No Hope?"

I asked Richard: "Are you saying the hundreds of millions of Americans just like me are completely out of luck?"

There was a long pause at the end of the line.

Then, Richard said something that would change my life forever...

"Not At All. You Could Probably Have Every Single Trace Of H. Pylori Out Of Your System, And Take Control Of Your Acid Reflux
Grab A Pen And A Paper, And Write Down What I’m About To Tell You."

He then proceeded to give me the names of 5 different chemicals and nutrients that had been scientifically proven to destroy H. Pylori in the human body, and thereby eliminate both acid reflux, and the threat of cancer that this bacteria causes.

Each one of these chemicals can be found naturally in fruits, vegetables, supplements, teas, and oils.

They cost basically nothing to add to your diet, and they're loaded with additional vitamins and other health-supporting nutrients.

For example, one of the chemicals that's been shown to effectively kill H. Pylori is something called sulforaphane.

Researchers in a lab at John Hopkins University added this, plus a few more things, to the diets of both mice and humans and in both cases, they saw their H. Pylori be wiped at a staggeringly fast pace.

But that's just one of the chemicals, there are four others that are just as important, and that need to be combined in a specific way to completely eliminate the H. Pylori bacteria from your body.

Which is why Richard also provided me with an explicit list of the foods, beverages, oils, and supplements that contained each of the chemicals I needed.

In other words, for each of the chemicals he told me about, he also shared what common grocery store items that they could be found in.

And besides just listing everything out, he even gave me instructions for how much of each natural food, beverage, or nutritional supplement to combine each day.

That was extremely vital, he said, because the key was to get enough H. Pylori killing elements into my stomach so that they would do their job...but without throwing my body out of balance.

Then, Richard told me to follow the "guide" he'd just given me , and to call him back in a week to tell me how I was feeling.

To be honest, by the end of that conversation, I was somewhat overwhelmed. It was a lot to take in, and honestly, while I knew Richard was a well-respected scientist at a prestigious university...

I Still Felt Kind Of Skeptical

I had cancer cells forming in my throat and I’d suffered from acid reflux for decades...

Medications hadn't worked, changing my diet hadn't worked, nothing had worked...

And now this guy I hardly knew was saying to just combine some different nutrient-rich foods and drinks together and consume them all at the same time each day, and that was going to help with my acid reflux problems and even possibly protect me from other dangerous illnesses?

It seemed too good to be true, or like it would be too simple to work

But then again, what other options did I have? Nothing else had worked, so why not try this?

And so the very next day I started following Richard’s "guide". I went to the grocery store to get some of the items he'd mentioned, and total my bill was about $17 for a 2 weeks supply of everything.

When I thought about it, I figured I probably wasn't actually even "spending more money" here, since I could just eat these foods instead of other stuff throughout the day.

In other words, it was basically just a matter of swapping out a few items on the family grocery list for other things.

Well that first day, it was a little hard to eat everything because my throat was so badly burned from the procedure I’d been undergoing.

I Powered Through It Though And Was Pretty Shocked When I Didn't Burp Any Of It Up, Or Have Stomach Pains, Or Even Feel Nauseous...

After this , I did the same thing, and again realized that I was keeping this food down without any trouble.

And later on, I realized that I hadn't had a single case of heartburn since I began following Richard’s instructions.

Plus, because I wasn't having any acid reflux, my throat wasn't feeling like it was on fire.

That made it easier for me to eat other foods, and on day 9 I really put Richard’s plan to the test by eating a delicious double cheeseburger from McDonald's...

It was the first time I’d had a cheeseburger in nearly six months, and I thought for sure I’d suffer mightily for my decision, but nope...

It stayed down, and I felt completely fine. No regurgitation, no acid burps, no upset stomach, nothing.

"What Is Going On?" I Thought. "How Could This Be Working So Well?"

Well I called Richard back (albeit 2 days later than I was supposed to) and told him how amazing I felt. I mentioned how I hadn't had a single case of heartburn, or a single symptom of my acid reflux since I started following his guide.

I asked him how he had known this would work?

"It's simple," he said. "I told you I suffered from acid reflux myself for decades. Note the past tense here? You're using the exact same method I used to control, manage and diminish my acid reflux too."

When I went to my doctor for a follow-up, the doctor was in disbelief as he said that something remarkable was happening:

My Esophagus Appears To Be Healing Itself.

He wanted to give me an esophageal Ph test and do a full blood panel. When we got the results back, he was even more flabbergasted.

He said I had no signs of acid reflux whatsoever, but that my blood panels were showing me as being in perfect health based on every single measurement or metric the laboratory had used.

Well it's hard to describe the sense of relief I felt as the doctor reviewed these results with me...

Imagine What It Would Feel Like To Completely Control Yourself Of Acid Reflux Just By Adding A Few Basic, All Natural, And Wildly Inexpensive Nutrients To Your Diet...

Think about how good it would feel to know that you've conquered the bacteria in your body that could be responsible for so much of your stomach damage..

It's The Most Incredible Feeling: To Be Able To Get Your Life Back And To No Longer Live In Pain, Discomfort, Or Fear.

Well, that's exactly what happened to me, and I instantly knew I needed to share Richard’s method with as many Americans as I possibly could.

So at first I simply typed everything up into a simple and easy to follow guide, which

I Nicknamed it
Rapid Reflux Relief

And started quietly handing it out to a small group of family and friends.

Even though it had already worked for me, I was blown away when every single person who tried it told me they'd gotten rid of every single symptom of their acid reflux faster than they thought…

And as more and more people heard about the acid reflux and H. Pylori destroying guide I possessed, the more I knew I had to scale this up as much as I could and get the instructions inside relief to as many people as I possibly could.

I asked Richard if he could publish it in a scientific journal, but he said there was no way that would work, as the bureaucracy is too big and it would take years, if not possibly decades.

We briefly discussed trying to sell what he'd created to the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturers themselves, but we both knew that was a no-go.

This acid reflux and H. Pylori protocol may dramatically improve the quality of life for the many Americans who are now suffering from acid reflux ...

But it is my honest opinion that Big Pharma doesn't like cures, they like "pain management" drugs. Which meant even if they did buy the guide, I believe they'd simply destroy it.

And so really, that only left us with one choice, which was to take Richard’s breakthrough treatment   to the public.

That brings us to this website you're on right now...which is...

The Only Place In The World Where You'll Be Able To Get A Copy Of

Rapid Reflux Relief

Let Me Tell You Exactly How You Can Start Using Richard’s Acid Reflux Protocol For Yourself In As Little As Five Minutes From Now...

So like I said, we're calling it Rapid Reflux Relief.

Inside, I’ve taken the entire acid reflux instructions that Richard shared with me, and packaged it into a detailed, but easy to follow guide that you can start using instantly to control, diminish and even maybe reverse heartburn, or any other acid reflux symptoms.

The reason this guide is so special and may truly work while medications or normal dietary restrictions don't is pretty straightforward...

"Rapid Reflux Relief" is built around the 5 chemicals that have now been shown in dozens of scientific studies to be able to fight the bacterium H. Pylori.

That's vital, because like we've already discussed, H. Pylori is in my opinion secretly a major cause of acid reflux, ulcers, esophagus conditions, and possibly many other dangerous illnesses....

With this guide we're about to give you, we include a comprehensive list of foods which contain each of the five chemicals you need.

Then, you simply combine these different foods and add them to your daily diet in the specific way we show you inside this guide...

And they will go to war fighting H. Pylori and ensuring your acid reflux problems will bother you no more.

One Of The Great Things About The Food Lists And Combinations Inside "Rapid Reflux Relief" Is That They Actually Give You A Ton Of Options.

That's because there are many foods and drinks that contain each of the chemicals you need, which means you can always come up with a new combination to enjoy.

All of the items you'll be adding to your diet are natural and nutrient rich. And they are inexpensive.

Plus, This Isn't Some Sort Of "Eating Plan" That You Have To Follow Forever...

Because the natural and organic chemicals, you're adding to your diet go to work attacking H. Pylori,

In other words, with just eating some extra fruits, veggies, things like that...

You may finally reverse and control both your acid reflux, and even your chances of getting other dangerous stomach diseases may drop significantly.

Rapid reflux relief has already done just that for more than 12,000 other Americans just like you.

People like Roger Taft, of Bristol, Connecticut, who recently wrote to say...

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

“As someone who has suffered from Gerd for more than thirty years, I couldn't believe that all it took was following your program for three days to make it disappear. I only wish you'd made this discovery a long time ago, it could have saved me an incredible amount of discomfort!”

Roger Taft, of Bristol, Connecticut

And Del D'armanti of Newark, New Jersey, who says...

“Hey, Nick. My great-grandfather, my father, and my brother all died of stomach cancer. As a result, I've lived my entire life with the fear that I'll suffer the same fate. That's why finding out about the Rapid Reflux Relief guide was such an emotional experience for me. To now know that I've killed the bacteria in my stomach that's responsible for virtually all cases of stomach cancer in the world...

Boy, it makes me speechless. Thank you a hundred times over for letting me sleep at night.”

Del D'armanti of Newark, New Jersey

Or Art Goldschmidt of Cleveland, Ohio who writes...

“I think anyone who has suffered from GERD for a long time can attest to the constant pain and discomfort associated with this condition. I mean seriously, the regurgitation of food, the warm acid in your mouth, the pain in your esophagus and stomach “ it sucks!

That's why I also believe every single American who suffers from GERD needs to get your guide. Not only have I used it personally, but I've also shared it with more than a dozen other acid reflux sufferers I know. And across the boards, the results are always the same: real and permanent relief that starts on day 1. You're the man Nick, thank you.

Art Goldschmidt of Cleveland, Ohio

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

Those are just a few of the hundreds of thankful emails Richard and I receive each day.

And given this program's effectiveness, and the fact that it has such an amazing record of documented results, you'll probably understand why Richard and I had discussed selling Rapid Reflux Relief to the public for $297.

That might sound like a lot but think about it...

Taking an over-the-counter drug like Zantec three or four times a day will end up running you around $25 per month, or $300 per year.

Unlike "Rapid Reflux Relief", Medications Will Never Cure Your Acid Reflux, And At Best They'll Simply Mask The Symptoms.

Of course, that's if the OTCs or prescription medications you take even work at all. For a lot of people they don't, which means there's not even a price you can put on real,  relief.

And that's not even mentioning the ultimately terrifying and deadly side effects of cancer, and other life-destroying diseases that the H. Pylori in your body could ultimately lead to.

Like I said however, this isn't about money for me.

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Still there?

That's okay, I understand that you may have some questions still about the Rapid Reflux Relief guide.

That's actually pretty common given the information inside this program...

Which is why I'll take a few moments here to answer some of the most common questions people ask me after watching this presentation right here and now...

1. How exactly does "Rapid Reflux Relief" work? Why can it manage my acid reflux when all of the medications, lozenges, and even eating plans I've used in the past have failed?

The reason "Rapid Reflux Relief" succeeds where other heartburn "solutions" fail is that, in my opinion, this guide addresses the root cause of your acid reflux.

In other words, you've always been told that your acid reflux is the problem that needs fixing, but really, it's just a symptom of a hidden killer inside your body called H. Pylori.

Over 60% of all Americans have H. Pylori, and it's responsible for almost all stomach ulcers, stomach cancers, and cases of heartburn.

What Richard and I's guide does is show you how to combine 5 different all-natural chemicals together in a way that systematically may seek out and destroy that killer bacteria.

2. So how does this program work again?

You're given a list of all-natural foods which contain the chemicals required to fight against H. Pylori.

You're then given explicit instructions for how to combine each of these items so that they can work together to destroy the bacteria.

You'll be shown the exact portions to take of each one, when to add them to the diet, and how long to follow the guide for.

And because there are numerous foods, beverages, supplements, and oils that contain each of the chemicals you need, you can mix and match a lot of different combinations, which gives you a lot of variety and options when following the guide.

Plus, once you've destroyed the H. Pylori, you can still use the guide again a few times per year as part of a routine maintenance if you want, but that's completely optional.

3. What kind of results can I expect with "Rapid Reflux Relief"?

Typically people see their heartburn problems improve faster than they initially expected.

4. What are the terms of that guarantee again?

Once you've decided to try Rapid Reflux Relief for yourself, you'll have a full 60 days to use it. There's no risk at all during this time, you simply give it a shot, and see just how incredible and life-changing the results are.

If for any reason you change your mind about this guide at any point during those two months, all you need to do is send an email to the address I'll give you, and I will instantly refund your entire investment with no questions asked.

5. Okay, I'm ready. How do I get started?

Just click the "Buy Nowbutton you see below. You'll then be taken to the secure checkout page Richard and I have set up, where you'll enter your basic info.

Once you've done that, you get instant access to the food lists, the portion guide, the daily instructions, and everything else.

You'll be able to view the entire guide right on your computer, your smartphone, or your table. You can also download it, or print out as many copies as you like.

And like I just mentioned, you'll be covered by full two-month money back guarantee, which is why there is absolutely nothing to lose, and why you should go ahead and click that "Buy Now" button you see right now.

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